Admission Guidelines

Online Registration for Admission to Class I in Kendriya Vidyalayas for the Academic year 2020-2021 will start at 10:00 am on 01.04.2021 and will close at 7:00 pm on 19.04.2021. Please visit Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan’s website for more information at

1. Parent Portal:  (Class I only)

2. Dashboard Portal:

Registration for Class II and above will be done from 20.07.2020 and 8:00 am to 25.07.2020 up to 4:00 pm if vacancies exist (in offline mode).

Admission Schedule 2020-21

Useful Forms for admission (class 2 onwards)

  1. Registration Form (For class 2 onwards) (New)
  2. Application for Admission (The registration form)  (Old)
  3. Form – D
  4. Student detail form
  5. Annexure I (Self – Declaration Format)
  6. Undertaking by Parents under RTE act (if applicable)
  7. Affidavit Format by Parents for Single Girl Child (if applicable)

Note: Please send the Scanned Filled in admission form (No. 1,2,3,4) with required documents [Photograph of the child, Date of Birth, Residence proof, Caste/Category certificate, Service Certificate (if applicable), transfer records for the past 7 years (for armed personnel)] are to be sent by parents through e-mail on dedicated mail id created by the concerned school for admission purpose.

KVS Fee Structure

Admission Fee:  Rs. 25 only which is to be paid once in case of fresh admission in the school.

Re-Admission Fee:  Rs. 100 only which is to be paid along with the Quarterly fee if the name is struck off due to non-payment of quarterly fee for a particular quarter.

(per quarter i.e. for 3 months)
I - IINILNILRs.1500Rs.1500
III - VIIINILRs.300Rs.1500Rs.1800
IX - XRs.600
(Commerce & Humanities)
(only for Boys)
Rs.450 for Comp.Sci/IP elective

Rs.300 for others
Rs.1500Rs.2850 for Comp.Sci/IP elective

Rs.2700 for others
Rs.450 for Comp.Sci /IP elective

Rs.300 for others
Rs.1500Rs.3150 for Comp.Sci/IP elective

Rs.3000 for others


  1. Girls are exempted from Tuition fees.
  2. Single Girl Children are exempted from all fees from std. VI
  3. Students under SC/ST category are exempted from Tuition Fees.
  4. KVS children are exempted from the Tuition Fee.
  5. BPL students are exempted from VVN & Tuition Fee (only computer fee has to be collected).
  6. Under RTI admitted children exempted from all fees.

General admission guidelines

Admission under the RTE act

Admission under Single Girl Child (SGC)

Single Girl Child means the only child i.e. only girl child to the parents, with no other siblings. It includes twin girl children also.

Admission under MP quota

Admission under Chairman, VMC Quota

The Chairman, Vidyalaya Management Committee (VMC) can recommend a maximum of two admissions in the concerned Kendriya Vidyalaya/Shift under his discretionary quota. These two admissions may be recommended in one class or all classes put together, the children so recommended should be otherwise eligible as per KVS Admission Guidelines.

Admission under Sponsoring agency Quota

The sponsored agencies are those organisations, that provide KVS, land for running schools. It’s the District Magistrate or DC of a district in the case of a civil sector school. In case the school is being run in a railway land, it’s the concerned railway division that is the sponsored agency In a school running under a project, it is the concerned project which is the sponsoring agency for that particular KV .

The only condition is that all these seats under the Sponsor agency quota are restricted for the wards of the employees of that particular agency and the proposed children need to be otherwise eligible too (age etc). All these names are proposed/recommended for admission by the Chairman, Vidyalaya Management Committee of that particular KV . The Chairman is usually the head of that particular project; the DRM in case of a KV that is functioning in railway land or the DM/DC of the district in case of a civil sector KV.

05 seats in each section of class I, within the approved class strength (40) will be filled by the children of Sponsoring Agency in all schools except those specifically notified otherwise by the Commissioner. Similarly, 10 seats in all other classes put together (not more than 02 seats in each section) can be recommended by the Chairman VMC for the wards of employees of the sponsoring Agency. These admissions will be over and above the class strength, if otherwise eligible as per KVS Admission Guidelines.


Reference : Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan